Hello friends

I often associate the color yellow with happiness.

When children color in the sun drawn at the top corner of their paper, they use yellow. The Beatles wrote the song “Yellow Submarine.” A song that I believe promotes togetherness.

The dictionary defines the word mellow as free from harshness. Hence the name of our blog, Mellow Yellow.

Living in a world where it is so easy to hate, I find that spreading love and positivity is the way I wish to live.

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Photo credit: Chrissy Freese

As a college student, I am quickly approaching the realization that life isn’t exactly the way I thought it was when I was a kid. Superheroes exist only in movies and magic appears solely in books.

However, we as humans can make an effort to better the world in any way we can. I choose to do so by being kind to others, because you never know the difference you could be making.

With random acts of kindness and encouraging messages, I hope this blog will offer to you the importance of understanding and positivity.

For more sources of positivity, check out this article that inspired me to create Mellow Yellow: Self-Kindness: 7 Habits That Will Help You to Live a Happier Life.

Featured photo credit: Rohan Bhambri



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