Cultural Acceptance


This past week, I attended an Indian wedding for the first time. The three-day event served as a cultural awakening for not only me but a young woman I met at one of the ceremonies.

As pictured above, 19-year old Rachael Knight from Beavercreek, OH, is found near the back of a crowd during “Baarat.” This particular ceremony for the groom’s side includes the groom entering on a horse as he is surrounded by his family and friends.

Introducing myself to Knight, I came to discover that the groom’s sister invited her. Though her general purpose for being there was in support of her friend, Knight viewed the entire event as a way to immerse herself in a culture unknown to her.


“Learning about other cultures is the first step to respecting other cultures,” Knight said.

From the traditional aspect of the pre-wedding rituals to the entertainment value of the reception, the wedding event seemed to give Knight a new understanding.

Knight encourages the idea of one actively immersing themselves in a culture different to their own — promoting togetherness and understanding.


“Everyone should experience a culture other than his or her own,” Knight said.

One blog that we have taken a keen interest in due to its similarity to this story as well as our message is:

Photo credit: Jacqueline Saguin


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