Neighborhood Notebook: A Community Effort


I passed by this interesting object while I walked around my local mall this past Saturday. Immediately, I thought that I needed to capture the moment. It was not until I learned the message behind it that I was truly amazed.

It is a new project staged by the Pasco County Planning and Development Program in southern Florida. It’s purpose is to hear the voices of the community. When you pass by this notebook, you pick up a colorful piece of chalk and write down your dream. You write down your vision for the neighborhood, workplace and even street, if you’d like.

On the left side of the opened book, the phrase “I would like to see” precedes the empty line. The right side reads the phrase “I can make it happen.” With this notebook, we, as a community, can understand what matters most and the change that can be effected.

The project is a part of the “WALK. BIKE. PARK. PLAY.” initiative across southern Pasco County. There are more locations that can hopefully inspire other towns — or even states — to establish an initiative much like this in order to promote change by working together.

You can look for more information here:

Check out to see way you can provide service to your community.

Photo credit: Jacqueline Saguin


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