A Signature for Change

Donald Trump recently announced that transgender individuals are prohibited from serving in the United States military. This comes as a great obstruction to human rights. Transgender people are PEOPLE. It is disappointing to see the inequality that continues to exist in our world. These are individuals who are willing to sacrifice their lives for our […]

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Mellow Yellow Playlist

Music composes the soundtrack of our life. When I hear any Beatles song, I immediately recall the times I sang along with my grandfather. It is powerful. It is nostalgic. It can effect change. As a result of the recent terror attack in Manchester, Ariana Grande used the power of music to bring individuals together. […]

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Cultural Acceptance

This past week, I attended an Indian wedding for the first time. The three-day event served as a cultural awakening for not only me but a young woman I met at one of the ceremonies. As pictured above, 19-year old Rachael Knight from Beavercreek, OH, is found near the back of a crowd during “Baarat.” […]

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Hello friends

I often associate the color yellow with happiness. When children color in the sun drawn at the top corner of their paper, they use yellow. The Beatles wrote the song “Yellow Submarine.” A song that I believe promotes togetherness. The dictionary defines the word mellow as free from harshness. Hence the name of our blog, […]

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